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Nick Cannon was born in San Diego, Ca on October 17, 1980.

He always wanted to be the comedian and drove his family crazy with impressions of Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson. His father encouraged him to write down his comedy routines and do talent shows. Nick did the local comedy circuit in Los Angeles at clubs like The Improv, The Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store. He was even booed when he kept using the same routines that he did as a 12 year old at the age of 15.

He took a break from comedy and got a role on Soul Train as one of the dancers. He even did the Soul Train Scramble Board.

He was even fired from a popular food chain for talking too much to the customers.

Finally Nickelodeon came along and Nick's career got a huge boost. He was the warm up act for the series All That. He was later added to the cast of the show and introduced the character of Latanya to the public.

His popularity grew and he ended up hosting Snick House and In Concert on TEENick. He even introduced the music videos on various shows. He holds the record for appearing in almost even live action Nickelodeon series except for Blues Clues and Are You Afraid of the Dark.

He also became script writer for Kenan & Kel and Cousin Skeeter. Which help prave the way for writing on his own series, The Nick Cannon Show.

He has his own group called the Da Bomb Squad that performed on In Concert with Aaron Carter and Mandy Moore. They planned on releasing a CD in the near future. It never happened.

He appears on the soundtrack of the Nick movie-Jimmy Neutron and appears in the movie Snow Day.

He filmed a pilot called Loose Cannon, produced by Will Smith for the Warner's Brothers network. It wasn't picked up and Nickelodeon offered him his own show. The Nick Cannon Show, a hybrid version of Keenan and Kel. The show ended after two years because Nick's workload prevented him from doing the show.

After a cameo in Men in Black 2, he started working on his album that would feature B2K and the rapist R. Kelly. It was held back six different times before coming out 12-9-03. He also filmed Love Don't Cost A Thing with Steve Harvey and his now former girlfriend Christina Milan (sings the Kim Possible them song). His next role was Louis in Garfield: The Movie.

He sold a few movie scripts and has other movies in the works. Shall we dance?, The Beltway and The Underclassman. The Udnerclassman was a movie that was made in 2003. It was put on the shlf until Disney decided to forfill it's contract with Miramax.

He appeared in the movie Roll Bounce with Bow Wow and despite not having a large roile, he was promoted more than costar Wesley Jonathan, who was Bow Wow's rival in the movie.

Following Roll Bounce, he started up Wild N Out, an improv series on MTV. Along with work on his next CD-Stages. The first single from the CD was 'Can I Live", a song about his mother debating on having an abortion instead of giving birth to him. The second single was "Dime Piece" which was one of the most requested songs on the radio, despite limited air play in major cities like Dallas, Texas.

Nick talks to Vibe magazine about his "first" time.

His strict father (a preacher) allowed his to stay over a cousin's house in 1994. The self professed "Nerd" bragged to his cousin about being an expert in the bed. Well his best friend's 16 year old cousin decided to see how good he was.

Well the cousin wasn't impressed and made sure everyone knew about it. The next day he went to church and sweared not to do it again.

Other Nick Cannon Facts

  • Voted best dressed by his high school classmates, despite the fact all his clothes were from Goodwill
  • First time doing standup and he was booed off stage
  • He does play the drums in real life
  • Did attend junior college
  • Did photo shoot for GQ Magazine that appeared in their April 2005 issue.

Award Nominations

  • 2004 Teen Choice Awards for Movie Liar, Movie Chemistry and Liplock
  • 2003 MTV Awards for Best Kiss & Breakout Male Performance for Drumline
  • 2003 Black Reel Awards for Best Breakthrough Performance-Viewer Choice-Drumline
  • 2002 Kids Awards (BlLimp Award) for Favorite TV Actor

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