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History Of Static

Static Shock started out as a comic book back in June of 1993. Dwayne McDuffie, Deny Cowans, Derek Dingle and Michael Davis under the Milestone Media Company created him. John Paul Leon did artwork with covers by Deny Cowans. Static could be best described as a young Spider-Man mixed in with Marlon Wayans. He didn’t have Spider-Man’s powers, but he was cocky. He had electronic like powers similar to Black Lighting and Electro.

Static # 1

Writer: Dwayne McDuffie & Robert Washington

Art: John Paul Leon

Static’s origin started out pretty simple. His real name was Virgil Hawkins, a 15-year-old black kid, who lived in Dakota. He lived with his parents and older sister, Sharon. He attended Ernest Hemingway High School. His friends were Larry Wade, Frieda Goren and Rick Stone. His bully or rival was Hotstreak, a white kid that would give most bullies a nightmare. Virgil’s problems with Hotstreak lead to Virgil becoming Static. Hotstreak was named Biz Money B and was trying to hit on Frieda when Virgil was making jokes. Biz Money B beat him up in the hallway of the school. It seemed that Virgil had a problem with bullies.

Larry suggest that Virgil get a gun to kill Biz Money B. Virgil got a gun and headed to where Biz Money B (among others) would be hanging out at night. Paris Island. Virgil was set to shoot Biz Money B, but chickened out when a gas started floating around Paris Island. It was his powers that allowed him to escape and over the past few months, he learned to use his powers.

Static # 2 Everything But The Girl

Frieda learned of Virgil’s secret after Hotstreak (formally Biz Money B) beat Static up. At her house he tells her everything about that fateful night. In the rematch Static defeats Hotstreak.

Static # 3 Pounding The Pavement

The next issue of Static feature Static facing a new villain-Tarmack. Tarmack was a villain that could use the tar from the street to attack people. He also has trouble as Virgil, as he struggled to find and keep jobs. He also developed a new board that could deploy into full size. In the mist of the battle with Tarmack, Tarmack’s employer, Holocaust broke up the fight.

Static # 4 Playing With Fire

Holocaust arrives and has a little talk with Static and shows him the benefits of being a superhero. He asks Static to accompany him on a little visit and it ends up with people getting killed. Virgil tries to visit Frieda and discovers that she and Larry are seeing each other. Virgil gets jealous and blasts Larry with some of his powers by accident.

In the morning Virgil is awaken by his mother and discovers that his sister is now working at his old job. He also learns that everybody else knew about Frieda and Larry before him. Upset Static helps Holocaust again and watches him as he jokes about killing a family. Static rebels against Holocaust

Static # 5-7 Louder Than A Bomb

Mega Blast (5)

Static arrives on the scene of a riot breaking out. Flashback ten minutes earlier Virgil was playing games with Chuck, Richie and Felix. Chuck brings up a date Virgil set with Daisy. Virgil jokes that he was under stress when he did it and Daisy overhears him. Before he can go after her, he hears about the bombing at a church. After breaking up the riot, Virgil is asked to speak at the next rally on Sunday.

A bomb is planted at Virgil’s school the next day, he stops it form blowing up beyond the room that it is located in.

On Sunday Virgil goes to church early so that he can watch over the rally in Neptune Park. Before he can speak Commando X arrives and throws bombs at the crowd from a hill.

War at 30 Frames per Second (6)

Static uses chairs to stop the bombs from hurting anyone as Commando X speeds off on a motorcycle. At school, Virgil and Frieda do some research to find out more about Commando X. He discovers that Commando X has written to various magazines complaining about the Jewish community.

Virgil goes undercover to look for Commando X and discovers where he lives. After meeting him, Virgil learns Commando X’s next target and gets offered to help him.

You’re Gonna Gets Yours (7)

Commando X wants him to call media stations and tell them about his bombing of City Hall. Virgil gets away from him and becomes Static and heads out to stop the bombs.

Virgil returns home when his parents discover his Malcolm 10 research meanwhile Frieda and her parents are having talk about Jewish faith and the torture Jews had went through in the past. Virgil’s parents tell him that Jews are accepted better than Blacks will be. Frieda’s parents tell her Blacks aren’t accepted due to skin color and their culture. Both parents wonder if Jews and Blacks envy each other.

During a phone conversation with Frieda, Virgil discovers Commando X’s next target, a morning show featuring an interracial couple. Virgil borrows Frieda’s father’s video camera and battle Commando X. He gets Commando X to confess,

Static # 8 Shadow War

This issue crossover with Milestone’s first crossover storyline in their books. Static is fighting The Botanist and being watched by the Shadow Cabinet. After the battle, Virgil is with Frieda when girls from school decided to have a party at her house. On the way to the party, Virgil runs into Funyl, who tells him about the Shadow Cabinet. Virgil is allow in Frieda’s room when Dharma arrives via Frieda’s closet. Daisy walks in on them and before Virgil could do anything a fight breaks out at the party. Static stops the fight and Dharma and Funyl help him. Afterwards they ask him to come with them, He does and the story continues in Shadow Cabinet 0.

Static # 9 Static Needs A New Pair of Shoes

Writer: Robert Washington

Last Issue with John Paul Leon as Artist

Virgil and Frieda go shopping in the mall for new shoes and a sale that Frieda wants to attend. While in “Foot Locker”, Virgil sees some guys stealing and stops them. The guys warn him to leave them alone. Static catches one of them, but he escapes with the help of the other one. Static encounters them again under the mall and meets yet another bang baby. Virus was a boy, whose parents split up and his mother blamed him for it. She got hooked on drugs and lost the house. He joined a gang and when they caught him stealing form them, they tried to kill him. While he was bleeding, the Big Bang happened. Static takes Virus to Saint Peter’s Mission and returns to the mall. Frieda tells him the mall closed up and that he couldn’t get his shoes. However the storeowner sells him his shoes since he helped him earlier.

Static #10 Valentine’s Day Massacre

Mystery Date (10)

Writer: Robert Washington

Guest Artist: Brian O’Connell

Static discovers that he has a secret admirer while Virgil has to deal with Daisy and the aftermath of Static #8. He has to explain Dharma and how she wasn’t anything to him. Virgil also has to make peace with Larry after finding out that he and Frieda were dating.

Static discovers a sign from Puff saying that she likes him. He runs into her and she attacks him. She fails, but her partner Puff (who is male in the television series) catches him.

Double Date (11)

1st issue with Winfred as artist

Cover by John Paul Leon

Static manages to escape form Puff & Coil and then tries to get his job back. He does.

At school Virgil arrives when Rich and Chuck are arguing over Rich’s shirt being fruity (ie-gay) and Rich takes offense. This storyline would continue in Static # 16.

Daisy agrees to go out with Virgil in the form of a double date with Larry and Frieda. Felix shows Virgil and Chuck a picture of Static tied up with Puff and Coil.

Saturday arrives and Virgil gets ready for his date and another battle with Puff & Coil. Virgil ditches everyone at the concert and encounters Puff & Coil. He beats them and returns to the concert.

Static # 12 Getting Out

Writer: Kurt Busiek

Artist: Neil Vokes

Static encounters a Bang Baby that wants to destroy him. After barely surviving the battle, Static discovers a journal kept by the Bang Baby, who was named Damon Biggs.  He was at the Big Bang during the fight and changed into a monster. Like the Hulk, he was able to change back to normal.

D-Struct ‘s old gang kidnapped him family and forced him to kill Static. The two join forces and save Damon’s family.

Static # 13 Cold Hearted Snakes

Writer: Robert Washington

Artist: Winfred

The story begins with Virgil saving his friends from a guy (Sons of Odin), who knew Virgil was Static. Static goes to look for the guy and runs into her partner. During the fight he runs into a naked guy in the street, who will play a bigger part in Static # 14.

Snakefinger and Virgil have it out at Snakefinger’s base of operations.

Static # 14 Worlds Collide Crossover

This issue was the finale of the DC/Milestone Media crossover. Static saved the day by using his powers to charge a machine to over take the villain.

Static # 15 One For The Kids

Writer: Sholly Fisch

Artist: Shawn Martinbrough

Static tries to get kids to lookup to him instead of the local drug dealer. However Virgil discovers that having kids lookup to him isn’t a good thing when one of the kids tries to stop a robbery.

Static 16-20 What Are Little Boys Made of?

Goin’ 85 South (16)

Writer: Robert L. Washington III

Artist: Winfred

This was a five-part storyline that introduced new villains and an unexpected event in Virgil’s life. It all started with Larry getting his car stolen by a new villain called Joyride. Virgil, Frieda and Larry run into Chuck, Felix and Rick after Joyride gets away with the car. After a brief conversation, the group heads their separate ways. Virgil heads to the Dakota Auto Show and runs into Joyride, who tries to steal another car. Static eventually defeats him. On the way home Static sees Rick and his friend getting beat and stops it. Static tends to Rick and his friend and discovers that Rick is gay.

A Knight to Remember (17)

Static runs into DC’s Shining Knight, no he runs into Palisade, who tries to fight Static. He eventually gets away from him and gets Rick to the hospital.

The next day Static has to break up a fight that Palisade has with a gang. Palisade decided that he is going to show up Static by beating Blood Syndicate. Static calls him crazy and heads off to join his friends. While gaming Virgil comes up with a new comic book character and asks Felix and Chuck to come up with ideas.

Static attempts to stop Palisade the following day.  During their battle, a girl falls in the water from the bridge. Palisade saves her and thinks that as long as he battles Static, he’ll put people in danger. He leaves as the rescued girl is revealed to be Frieda.

At school Rick reveals that he is gay in front of the entire school. He also wants the others to help him start a rally for to speak out against gay bashing.

Chuck thinks he’s joking until Larry sets him straight. Virgil now has to deal with Rick coming out to the school and how this changes their friendship.

Dreamgirlz (18)

Last issue with Robert Washington III as writer

After school Chuck, Virgil and Felix at the music store when a new villain arrives. Princess Nightmare uses her power to terrorize people in the store. When Virgil changes into Static, Princess disappears and Static is stuck giving autographs to Chuck and Felix. They also tell him about what Princess Nightmare wanted; she wanted to make men suffer for the degrading lyrics in music about women.

The next day Virgil runs into Rick and Virgil rips into him for telling everybody that he was gay. Rick leaves and Virgil calls himself selfish. At school Virgil sees how Rick is treated by the other students and realizes that he was wrong. The train ride home from school is changes after Virgil hears Princess Nightmare on the radio.

Static heads to the radio station and beats Princess Nightmare after discovering her secret. She used illusions to scare people.

After Virgil beats his father at a Mortal Kombat type game, he tries calling Frieda. However Frieda isn’t in the mood to talk to him.

Between A Rick & A Hard Place (19)

Ivan Velez, Jr. as series writer

Static goes to Frieda’s house to talk to her, they have along talk about homosexuality and how it affects their friendship with Rick. Nothing is solved and Virgil catches a cold.

Virgil stays home from school and thinks about Rick and suddenly realizes what Rick is going through.

At the rally, Daisy, her mother, Frieda, Ducky and Rick meet up with others while another group arrives. The Sons of Odin and try to startup trouble when Static arrives. Static soon discovers that one of the members is Hotstreak.

Dusk (20)

A sick Static and Hotstreak battle it out with Static getting the upper hand. The police try to tell the crowd to go home as Hotstreak recovers. Static uses the police guns to knock Hotstreak out before another fight broke out. He leaves as Daisy and her mother get arrested by the police, as the police cart everyone away, Hotstreak recovers and breaks free. The police wagon with Daisy and her mother is burning and Ducky gets them free by yanking the door (Ducky-a Bang Baby?). Hotstreak takes Frieda and calls out Static, who is long gone. Rick takes a police gun and shoots him.

Static # 21 In Search of The Phatman

Writer: Ivan Velez Jr.

Virgil is a little upset that Phantom IV isn’t airing in Dakota movie theaters. He thinks it’s racism since the hero of the movie is black, but it’s due to the previous movie having shootings at the theaters. However Virgil learns that a movie theater near Dakota is playing it. What Virgil doesn’t know is that Blood Syndicate is also planning to see it.

Virgil and friends arrive at the same time Blood Syndicate arrives and suddenly everyone wants their money back. Meaning that Virgil and the others can see the formally sold out show. Everything goes fine and Virgil’s friends learn the Syndicate aren’t that bad.

Static # 22 The Dread Chihuahuas of Doom

Writer: Ivan Velez Jr.

Artist: Winfred

Painted Cover: David Montoya

Static is out goofing off as Rick is heading home. The police are there to talk to him about the events from What Are Little Boys Made of storyline. One of the officers convinced him to lie about shooting Hotstreak. Rick would have to say a police officer did it and not him. A Bang Baby Chihuahua starts spreading rabies and people get turned into monsters. One of the locations is the hospital where Virgil Dad works. Meanwhile Virgil and Rick talk about his new lifestyle.


Ad mentioning Static winning awards:

Best New Series Compuserve Comics & Animation Forum, Usenet Squiddy & Thunderbolt Awards

Favorite Character Usenet Squiddy Awards

Best Editor-Genie Thunderbolt Award

Static # 23

Booieman from Blood Syndicate appears

Virgil’s Dad is hurt as the story continues; Nurse Berger has to leave him behind in order to get help.  Nurse Berger gets a hold of the dog causing all the trouble and sedates him to stop the others from attacking. However someone else has sensed what has happened and heads to the hospital.

Virgil is at Felix’s house when he gets a call about his Dad. Boogieman gets a calling from his mother and heads to the hospital as well. Boogieman arrives in his other form as Martin, Nurse Berger’s son. Virgil arrives first followed the rest of the family and they check on Mr. Hawkins. A huge dog arrives and starts attacking the hospital, Martin changes into Boogieman and fights him. The dog stops attacking after retrieving the dog that caused the riot in the first place.


Static # 24 Tattletale Hearts

Writer: Not listed

The story starts with Virgil and his family waiting on an update on is father. Virgil and Sharon leave their parents at the hospital and head home on the train. Some guys try to rob them, but Virgil uses his powers to stop them. At home he ignores calls from Frieda, who has taken up eating to pass the time.

Virgil can’t sleep and goes on patrol. Meanwhile at the Riverside Pier, a mysterious female is stopping a crime from happening. She is carrying a shield and takes down a bunch of gangsters. Static arrives during the fighting and helps Dusk out. She doesn’t like him helping her, but changes her mind when he stops a gangster from shooting at them. She kisses him before leaving.

Static # 25 Snow

New paper & dual covers

Writer: Ivan Velez, Jr.

Artist: Winfield

Daisy’s grandmother dies and she has to move out of the school district. Static and Dusk have an encounter with one of Hardware’s robots. On the day Daisy moves she tells Virgil something about visiting her. Felix has an idea what Daisy wanted him to visit for and teases him about.

The following week Virgil asked Frieda about sex and gets a lesson about condoms from his father. The story ends with him going into Daisy’s apartment. However what happened is revealed in Static # 42.

Note about the cover

DC had a no sex on the covers of their books. This policy was debated considered some of the covers that the company had printed in the past and since this issue. Yet they have no problem with half naked woman on their covers or the Halle Berry version of Catwoman in a outfit that scream hooker.

Long Hot Summer (26-27)

Two Tickets to Paradise (26)

Writer: Ivan Velez, Jr.

Artist: Wilfred

The story starts out with Virgil and Felix throwing food at each other as Larry and Frieda arrive at the table. Larry shows off some tickets to Utopia Park.

After school Virgil is trying to get to his date with Daisy, when he runs into Bad Betty, Tarmac and Pyre.  He fires at them before going on his way and Pyre burns his shirt as a parting gift.

Opening day for Utopia Park arrives as Frieda and Larry head off to the opening. Static runs into Dusk and she decides that they should head to the opening. While at the park, everyone starts acting crazy and the ride that Larry and Frieda are on stops working.

Paris Island is Burning (27)

99 cents issue.

Static and Dusk deal with the riots at Utopia Park as Daisy deals with two men breaking into her apartment. Daisy gets away and watches over a boy, who lost his mother.

Static saves Frieda and the others trapped on the roller coaster as Rick talks with a guy at his Utopiadogs stand as the rioting continues.

Hardware blows off Static, when Static asks him if he could help and Pyre arrives to take shots at him and the park. Static drops a few roller coasters on him as he hopes the violence ends soon.

Last Licks (28)

Static deals with a bang baby-Ribbert Jones before going on patrol with Dusk. They go back to Utopia Park, which is in ruins after The Long Hot Summer Events. The two get into a game of tag as Larry is on his way to work. Sadly it involves delivering drugs and police arrive on the scene to arrest him and the others. However his friends were waiting on the cops and a shootout occurs. Static and Dusk arrive to help and that’s when Static sees Larry.


Dwayne McDuffie makes a statement about the cover controversy from Static #25. He pointed out the DC made a mistake by censoring the cover and race had nothing to do with it.

Red Handed (29)

Final issue with Velez, Jr. as writer

Static still shocked that Larry was a criminal lets him go and leaves when Dusk tries to talk to him. Dusk argues with the captured criminals about Static taking bribes.

Virgil has a hard time dealing with Larry’s lifestyle and Larry arrives at Harold Mann’s apartment to explain how he lost all of Mann’s stuff.

At lunch Felix makes a few jokes about Larry and Frieda storms off. Virgil goes after her and she asks him about Larry. Virgil just walks away.

Static goes looking for Larry and follows him. Dusk also follows behind them. Before Static could do anything Dusk jumps in front of Larry and tries to arrest him as a drive by shooting starts.

Grave Season (30) New writing team of Adam Blaustein & Yves Fezzani

Final issue with Wilfred as artist

Static is holding the body of a bleeding Dusk and Larry is looking on. Static gets mad and starts attacking the gang members and then tends to Dusk as Larry runs off. He is stopped after discovering Larry’s body in front of some gang members. He takes them all out before going over to Larry, who calls him Virgil before he dies. Dusk has disappeared as well and Virgil quits being Static.

Larry’s funeral is held and Frieda admits that she worries about Virgil when he’s Static. A week later Dusk walking with a cane encounters Virgil at the cemetery. She tells Virgil that she’s leaving after killing a guy and gives back his Static jacket.

Static# 31 (Milestone’s 200th issue) Cape Fear

Green Lantern artist Gil Kane does the art of this issue.

Virgil visits a grave and tells him how he got the idea of Static. Virgil with his grandfather when they visit Stevedore J. Perkins, formally known as The Scarlet Scarab. An old movie serial hero from the past.

At school Virgil is daydreaming in English about being the Scarlet Scarab, this is also the same day that Money B beat him up in the hallway. The same day that Larry gave him the gun to kill Money B and the same day of the Big Bang. He discovered his powers and created his costume. He was out flying around when he encounters a monster called Blook, who was quoting Shakespeare. After a brief fight, Blook gives Static his yellow jacket. Virgil decided to tell Mr. Perkins about how he got inspired to by the Scarlet Scarab, however he died. The grave Static is at is Mr. Perkins.

Static #32-Full Yellow Jacket

Guest artist Humberto Ramos (Impulse Woman Wonder fame)

Static stops some snake men from robbing the subway when this story starts. He tells Frieda about it over the phone while she’s eating in her bedroom. Daisy calls asking about what he is going to wear when they go to the movies and Frieda decides to hang up in meantime.

In Science class, Mr. Harris bought bees to the classroom. The bees get lose and Virgil gets them out of class by using his powers. He goes off looking for them and encounters them in the basement of a building. It seems that they merged into on e huge bee being. The bees swarm and cover him and sting him. Static uses his power to burn them off, the remaining ones fly off. Naked and stung, Virgil returns home and collapses in his mother’s arms. The swarm likes Virgil’s blood and promises to go after him again.

Static # 33 (The All New, All Different) Bee, My Love

New Artist Jeff Moore

Cover: Frazier/Rollins & J. Scott J.

Dr. Kilgore has Virgil in the hospital to find out what makes his different. Frieda arrives to his room talking about something before Virgil calms her down. She shows him that she’s wearing his costume, that he has a messy room and Swarm is back. Swarm is holding Captain Gil Summers hostage at the Grimaldi Estate.

As Virgil is getting in his costume, he notices how skinny Frieda has gotten lately. Static arrives at the estate and Swarm tries to get in Static’s mind. It succeeds and Static has a power overload that destroys it. The Queen Bee follows Virgil back to Frieda’s house and decides to make one last attempt to get him. When he’s at home, she gets into his mind and forces him to come out and face her. The Swarm has formed their version of Frieda. Static catches Queen Bee by using head phones and a jar to amplify his powers and attract her away from the others.


Milestone Media heads into year four with the demise of Blood Syndicate featuring the writing of former Static writer-Ivan Velez, Jr. and future/former Firestorm artist Chriscross.

Static # 34 Blame it on Picasso

Virgil is on his way to a job interview as he runs into Brat-AATAF-Tat (no this isn’t rapper!). After a joke about comic books and a dig at Marvel’s Thing, Static beats the villain. Virgil arrives late for his job interview at Avalon Mall. At his interview with Elias, who owns the arcade that Virgil wants to work at, Virgil hears Rubberband Man call out Static. Virgil leaves his interview and runs into Felix, who is sporting shades. Felix takes them off and shows the black eye that he has somehow gotten.

Virgil goes to Frieda’s house and meets one of new friends Stephanie Woodbine. However before a conversation starts Frieda throws them both out.

Static is later called to the Commissioner’s office and gets order to capture Rubberband Man with it reaching television. He heads to Tenth Avenue Bridge and fight Rubberband Man. Static leads him in front of the camera and says something about his mother that was deem offensive for television.


Background on new artist Jeff Moore is talked about.

Felix’s black eye is never explained.

Static # 35 Grounded

Last issue written by Adam & Yves

Flashback to the Big Bang where Ambrose Caliburn is altered by the gas and becomes Prometheus. Flashback to the present where Virgil is grounded by his parents. Daisy breaks up with him as Dr. Kilgore may have found something in Virgil’s blood. After Daisy dumps him Virgil goes on patrol and runs into Prometheus, they battle and soon Prometheus disappears. Virgil returns home as his mother walks in on him.

Static # 36 An Unearthly Child

Writer: Matt Wayne

His mother grounds Virgil for tow more weeks after last issue’s adventure. The next day Virgil arrives home and discovers a little girl in his room named Hyacinth. Sharon leaves Virgil to watch over her.

Virgil plays games with Hyacinth even after his mother comes home. Hyacinth has beaten him in every single game they play. Some guys called Capers Inc. break into the house and take Hyacinth. Virgil goes after them and they still get away. He returns home to an angry mother and Sharon accuses him of selling drugs like Larry.

Virgil leaves the house to look for Hyacinth and remembers what she told him about robbing a bank. Static arrives at the bank and captures Capers Inc. and returns Hyacinth to her family. Meanwhile Dr. Byron Kilgore injects Virgil infected blood into his body.

Static # 37 (Aspects of this became an episode of Static Shock)

Writer: Erica Helene

Art: William Rosado

Static runs into a future friend and Bang Baby from the future and helps Frieda deal with the death of Larry. Chuck asks Felix about his broken arm eye and Felix claims that he fell while rollerblading. Frieda rips into Felix after seeing him talk to a guy that wants to recruit him for something.

Static # 38 Sharon Love Static

Writer: Jackie Ching

Artist: Shawn Martinbrough

Inkers: Jimmy Palmiotti & Shawn Martinbrough

Sharon is leaving the movies when something grabs her as Virgil heads out on patrol. A new villain Botanist had capture people to feed to his plants. Static stops head, but not before evaporating the Botanist’s genex solution that makes everyone including Sharon sick. As Static is taking Sharon to the hospital, Sharon awakens and hugs up on him. The next day Virgil realizes that Sharon has a crush on Static. It gets worst when Sharon pretends to be in trouble just to have Static saw her. Static keep doing it until he realizes that it will just get worst, so he has Rocket save her one time.

Julie and Sharon go looking for the Botanist to make Static appear again. They get capture as does Static, who goes looking for them. Static plays off as a wimp in front of Sharon and once she and Julie are gone, he beats Botanist.


Aspects became a Static Shock episode

Rocket from Icon appears

Static # 39 Half A Pint Will Do It

Artist Jeff Moore returns

Cover by M. D. Bright

Dr. Kilgore mutates from the injection and kills two people as his need for Virgil’s blood grows. Virgil and Frieda go horseback riding and Frieda get sick. Dr. Kilgore arrives in his normal state and takes them both to his clinic to tend to Frieda. Kilgore cons Virgil into giving blood for Frieda and Virgil discovers that Kilgore knows he’s Static. Static battles Kilgore and finally defeats him by draining the electrons off of Kilgore’s body.

At the hospital Virgil learns about Frieda’s anorexia.


Issue 41 was listed as the new issue instead of Boyz Night Out.

Static # 40 Boyz Night Out

Writer: Brian McDonald

Artist: Keith Pollard

Virgil, Rick, Chuck and Felix win tickets to The Lost Boyz concert. They just don’t have a ride to get there. Virgil tries to talk to Daisy and gets a cold shoulder from her. Chuck somehow manages to get his driver’s license and the boys now have a way to the concert.

The concert starts and suddenly an overweight guy appears. He calls himself Boom Box and was upset that no record company signed him to their label. Virgil changes into Static and tries to stop him. Interesting enough Icon appears on the scene to help. The two beat Boom Box and the concert continues.


This issue was meant to be a start of appearances of musicians in Milestone Media, however it never continued beyond this issue.

Static appears in Hardware # 43-44

Fill in issue as Static #41 was promoted as following Issue #39

Love Bites (41-42)

Static # 41 Truly, Madly Deadly

Writer: Ching

Artist: Moore

Virgil, Daisy and  Rick are at school when Virgil has to do a disappearing act to help a guy in the bathroom. When Virgil rejoins his friends Rick tells him that Daisy wasn’t too happy that he vanished.

Virgil tell Frieda that he is thinking about retiring Static awhile until he can get his life back on track. Meanwhile Prometheus is introduced to new friends in the form of Swarm, Jump, Botanist, Kilgore and Rubber Band Man. The group decides to join forces and get Static once and for all.

Frieda is kidnapped by Rubber Band Man while Virgil starts his new job at the arcade. Daisy arrives to break up with Virgil for the second time. We also learn that something didn’t happen at the end of Static #25. Virgil offers to meet Daisy at the movies and to make up for ditching her. However a bee flies by and Virgil gets the image of Frieda in trouble.

In the park Static meets all his enemies and has a fight in the p[ark with them. As Static is helping Frieda, Prometheus drains him of his powers and beats Static.


A book called How to Draw by J. Ching is seen on page 3.

Static # 42 Rest In Pieces

Last issue with Ching as writer

Daisy goes to Fandom’s Lair to look for Virgil and tell Rick that it’s over between her and Virgil. Meanwhile Static is still fighting the six villains, although Frieda has gotten the attention of Swarm. As the villains debate on who kills Static, he has a flashback to that night with him and Daisy. Daisy declined to have sex with him.

Kilgore has a machine that will extract all of Static’s blood, but before he can use it Static bluffs him long enough to regain his powers. The Swarm has a change of heart and helps Static defeat the others.

Virgil wants to tell Daisy that he’s Static, but Swarm warns him not to. So Daisy officially call it quits. Virgil reveals his secret to Chuck, Felix and Rick during a game at Fandom’s Lair. They don’t believe and continue playing the game.


Inside joke about former Static Artist Matt Wayne is seen on page 2

Static # 43 Power Struggle

Writer:  Joe Illidge

Artist: Winfred

Brickhouse has lost a battle with a mysterious opponent and is changed by to normal. She has to carry Third Rail to the hospital to save him.

Virgil is grounded again, but goes out to investigate the growing number of people in comas in Dakota. Frieda is sick and is taken over by a mysterious power.

Powerfist, another Bang Baby attacks a bank and a girl looking like Frieda attacks him. Static arrives and the girl attacks him. The girl was at the Big Bang and tells Static that she didn’t run when the gas arrived. It gave her power and a desire for more. She soon discovered the ability takeover other bodies to survivor the power surge.

During their fight Brickhouse arrives on the seen still in human form. She joins the fight in an attempt to get her powers back. Static doesn’t believe she’s Brickhouse.

Frieda breaks free and one last battle happens as Static overloads the absorber with his powers. As a result all the powers that she stole are returned to their owners.


Brickhouse and Third Rail from Blood Syndicate appears

A fan letter hinted about the book getting cancelled. The Ching’s reply was that the book would be cancelled over her dead body. Guess that editor was right.

A different cover for Static# 44 was shown

Static appears in Hardware #47

Former Static Artist does the cover for Hardware #47

Static # 44 Going..Going

Writer: M. D. Bright  (new series writer)

Artist: Jeff Moore

Static catches some guys stealing a car before arriving for the first day of school. At school Virgil and his friends observe the new students at school including one that attacks another one for stepping on his shoes. Virgil knows the student as Jackson Jones, from Paris Island.

At the arcade the gang talk about the changes at their school as three fights had happened and Chuck jokes about bald guys as Jackson enters the arcade. Virgil tries to talk to Jackson, but he doesn’t want to deal with Virgil.

On patrol Static runs into Laserjet as he robbing a store. Static tries to catch him but Laserjet eludes him.

After talking to Frieda about Laserjet and Chuck’s changing attitude, Static goes out and encounters a bunch of Laserjets.


Former Static Artist John Paul Leon does the cover

Static Logo: Jason Medley & ChrisCross

DC Comic’s Watch This Space appears

Felix now wears glasses

Static jokes about a comic featuring same plot, different characters sounding like a soon to be cancelled book to him.

Static # 45

Laserjet eludes Static once again as the police arrives and after everyone leave, Laserjet reappears and mutters about how he disappears aloud.

At school the gang are joking about homework as Chuck rushes by them on his way to the bathroom. Chuck gets attack in the bathroom by a guy bullying kids into paying to use it. After Chuck leaves a boy looks in and quickly vanishes.

At Fandom’s Lair Chuck goes off on Virgil, Felix and Rick about life before leaving.

Static has his last battle with Laserjet and Static has figured out how to beat him. Since Laserjet never kicked up any wind when running away, it meant that he never ran in the first place. Static defeats him and leaves him for the cops.

The next day Virgil wants to talk to Chuck, but he runs into the bathroom before Virgil gets the chance. The issues ends with a gunshot in the bathroom.

Cover by Moebius

Static Logo: Jason Medley & ChrisCross

Static appears in Icon #42

Static #46 was listed as Gun Control featuring Static with his hand in his face

Killing Joke was the storyline where Joker shot Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) interesting enough this issue featured someone getting shot.

Guest Appearances

Kobalt # 7

Virgil appears in this book as Kobalt’s partner Page is stopping a creature from attacking a girl at Hemmingway High. Unknowingly both boys attend the same school.

Static Shock

A lot has changed since the last issue of Static. In fact the mini series seems to ignore the final issue as Chuck is seen alive and Virgil has retired as Static. An unexplained adventure with Dusk that resulted with her death caused him to retire.


Static Shock

This is from the mini series that was created when the TV series started up.

Static# 40

Static crossover with the rap group The Lost Boyz. Since this issue the group has pretty much broken up following the death of a member.

The First Issue

This is the deluxe version that included a poster that form a mural with the other poseters fomr Icon, Hardaware and Blood Syndicate.

Static # 25

The only issue of Static that had it's cover censored by DC Comics.

DC did not like the cover featuring Dasiy's bra and condoms being on the cover.Many felt this was wrong since many covers are more offensive than Static #25.

The TV Series

September 2000 gave birth to Static Shock. The series had some major differences from the comic book.

  • Virgil's mother was dead. She was killed in Dakota Riots.
  • Larry Wade is not in the series. Most of Virgil's friends are missing.
  • Dusk isn't around, although She-Bang is a slight copy of her.
  • Fredia doesn't know Static & Virgil are the same person.
  • Richie doesn't exsist in the comic.
  • Dakota is in the universe of DC unlike the comic.
  • Some villians are slightly different from thier comic counterparts.
  • It is the second longest African American animated series in TV history. Currently Little Bill is the longest by only six episodes.
The Game

The video game was in the works, however it was cancelled before it could get released.

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