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Usher Raymond was born October 18, 1978 in Dallas, Texas. At an early age his family moved to Chattanooga, Tenn. He is oldest son of Usher Raymond III and Jonetta Patton and has a young brother named James. His stepfather was Terry Patton. Jonetta divorce when Terry told her to choose him or Usher's career. Jonetta still praises Terry and views the marriage as a good one. The family moved to Atlanta when he was 12 years old and that is where he started entering talent shows. Eventually he made it on Star Search and was discovered by Laface Records.

For his first album, he work with Sean "Puffy" Combs and the album was considered a failure by industry standards. It produced the hit Think Of You. Usher soon worked with Puffy and Dallas Austin on a second album that was completed and never released. Puffy turned his back on Usher to produce the highly regarded but poorly promoted Back to the World album by Tevin Campbell. Tevin Campbell is a person that Usher hates being compared to at all times. Many view the Puffy/Usher relationship a failure since Puffy attempted to turn him into something that he wasn't-a street player (mack). (sound familiar Tevin fans?)
"Puffy tried to help Usher but he also made Usher into someone he wanted him to be, something from the street. Usher's not from the street Usher's mom (source Request mag)

"I wasn' t as hard a cat as the image they were trying to portray me. So, I mean, I lived up to it, but Puff Daddy sort of split, he got occupied with other things, the East Coast/West Coast war was kind of the thing, and I sort of fell back in the cut."-Usher (Request mag.)

Usher attempted to start his acting career by trying out for the WB/ABC sitcom Sister, Sister and never got the role. It's unknown what role he tried out for. He started suffering from acne and really felt sorry for himself. It wasn't until he met Jermaine Dupree that his life started to change.

Jermaine informed him not to worry about his acne and focus on his music. Jermaine listened to Usher something that many people didn't do in the past. Usher did what he said and returned with his second (third) album-My Way. It produced 4 hit songs and allowed his to crossover into mainstream media. He released 8701 as his third (fourth) album. All about U was released in limited numbers overseas with Pop Your Collar & Party being the only songs not on 8701.

However another version of 8701 was released overseas with theses songs. He wrote a movie script called Farscade.  He calls it another version of Purple Rain. He was considered for the role of Marvin Gaye after he played him on NBC's American Dreams in a movie about the late singer. Another possible role was starring in Singing in The Rain remake. He completed a new album called Confessions for March 2004 release. He went on tour and promoting the best selling album of his career.

Confessions provd to such a hit that he released it again with four new songs in November 2004. On New Year's Eve Usher's mini movie featuring the four new songs (videos) will air during Dick Clark's New Years Eve Special. The mini movie featured Clifton Powell, Joy Bryant and Outkast.

  Usher Facts
  • Does not like wearing Slippers
  • Considers any Busta Rhymes records as Cool
  • Uncoolest person in the world is Satan
  • Considers his hotel room the coolest place to take a date (Big Magazine-UK 1998)
  • He didn't get a role on Sister, Sister because he froze up during the script reading
  • Confirms that he was born in Dallas, Texas in Tvhits magazine (2002)
  • Dated Chili of TLC (confirmed by her on Sally 5-24-02)
  • My Way album is a tribute to Frank Sinatra
  • Hates being compared to Tevin Campbell
  • Once smoked weed (Upscale 2003)
  • States that he's good in bed
  • The song That's What It's Made For is about his penis
  • Was dumped by Chili after he cheated on her
  • Dumped by Naomi because she left he and his entrouge were too controling
  • Swept the 2004 Music Awards by wining ever award he was nominated for


      Usher's Albums
  • Usher (1994)
  • Jason's Lyric (1993)-U will Know
  • Poetic Justice-Call me a Mack
  • Panther-Let's Straighten it out
  • Untitled-Never released
  • Laface Christmas-This Christmas
  • Rhythm of the Games (1996)-Dreamin
  • Kazam (1996)-Swear I'm in love (maybe from the unreleased album as all songs on the soundtrack were)
  • Soul Food-Slow Jam with Monica
  • My Way (1997)
  • Usher Live (1998)
  • It's All About U (2000) Released overseas
  • What's Up? (Remix) (2001)
  • Paid in Full (2001)
  • 8701 (2002)
  • 8701 Import (2002) Featuring Pop Ya Collar from All About U
  • 30 Years to Life (2002)
  • Deliver Us From Eva (2003) She's Got The Part
  • Confessions (2004)
  • Confessions Special Edition (2004)
  • Usher & Friends (2005)

    Usher Interview

    This is an interview that Usher did for Sky Magazine July 2001. It was a tell all interview done by Julie Taylor with photos by Roger Erickson/Art Mix The Agency. All those pictures are now making their way into American magazines. This is the toned down version of the interview. Copies of this magazine maybe found on

  • When was the last time you made a booty call?

    Last Night

  • When was the last time you received a booty call?

    He explains that women constantly call him on his pager.

  • They say that girls who are good dancers in bed. You're a very good dancer does that mean you're good in bed?

    I'm very good. It really depends on your partner.

  • But what if the girl sucks in bed? Does that mean you suck, too?

    No. He goes on to explain how failure in the bed can be made up in other ways.

  • What really turns you on?

    A woman with beautiful lips, nice figure, tall and sassy.

  • Does he like begin chased by women?

  • He says it's sometimes cool to be, but he likes to know if the woman is really interested in him. He doesn't like playing games. Unless it's in the bedroom.

  • So what are your favorite games in the bedroom?
  • There is so much to choose from. Oral, foreplay and all of it has to be done right.

  • What turns you off?

    Woman that has gas in bed.

  • When did you lose your virginity?

    18. He was 15 when he had oral sex.

  • Was It good?

    Yes. All the other times of having sex could never match the first time.

  • Do You like having music on during sex?

  • He thinks it turns a woman on and singing to her is great.

  • How far do you go on a date?

  • It depends on the date. If the mood calls for it, it can happen.

  • What do you think of ladies who go all the way on the first date?

  • He doesn't recommend it.

  • Practice safe sex?

  • YES

  • Is he a boob or butt guy?

  • Butt guy. J LO type

  • Date a stripper?

    Been there done that

  • Can he remember all his sex partners?

  • No and that's a good thing considering he doesn't want to remember some of them.

  • Weirdest sex place?

  • Crowded bus, Train and in the backseat of his mother's car with her driving.

  • His Mom walking in on him and his girlfriend having sex.

  • She walked in on him and his girlfriend in his tour bus.

  • T'Work It out based on

  • He flew his girlfriend in from overseas and setup a romantic evening with her. It was ended up being a five hour lovefest.